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Au Pair Aimé and Host Mom Anne: A Perfect Match

One of the best features of hosting an au pair is the close relationship that develops between the host family and the au pair; in particular, au pairs and host mothers often make deep connections and friendships based on mutual trust and respect. One of our au pairs, Aimé from Germany, recently shared this touching tribute to her host mother, Anne, who has been an amazing role model and friend to Aimé since the day she arrived.

In Aimé’s words:

Au Pair Aimé and Host Mom Anne: A Perfect Match“When I was 15 years old, I decided that I wanted to become an au pair in the United States once I finished school. I watched all the videos and read all the blogs of girls who were au pairs before me and imagined a million times how it would be when I finally got to live that dream. But in all those years I couldn’t have imagined how amazing my time in the US would actually be.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed the past 15 months so much is my host mom. Since day one my host mum (and everyone else in my host family) has been so welcoming and made me feel like I am not ‘just an au pair,’ but part of the family.

I am so grateful that I have been able to see so many incredible places and experience so much with my host family since I got here. I got the chance to relax on beaches in North Carolina, celebrated Thanksgiving in California, raced in an Indy 500 car and cheered for the Irish in Notre Dame. I got my very own stocking for Christmas (which meant a lot to me) and my childhood dream of going to Disney came true (twice!).

I have always been included in any activities and events, and I really appreciate that more than anything! Furthermore, I always got the chance to go on trips and do things I wanted to do by myself. No matter if it was going to Chicago for the weekend or Hawaii for 10 days, Anne always made it possible for me to make memories and experience all those adventures.

I admire my host mum because she is marvelous person. She is kind, thoughtful, and hardworking and invariably respects me and my decisions. I know I can always ask her for help or advice and she will do her best to help me out as much as possible. I never have to be afraid to tell her when I made a mistake or feel bad because she is always understanding and loving. I dearly appreciate how she always cares about my safety, health, and feelings. It is nice to know that someone wants to know where you are when you go out and asks you for a “sign of life once in a while” when you’ve gone on vacation.

Au Pair Aimé and Host Mom Anne: A Perfect MatchI should also note that my host children are pretty fabulous. I got to hang out with the sweetest, cleverest, most adventurous and inspiring little human beings of all time. I feel like they must be so awesome because of their great mom.

I’ve been asked a lot if I ever felt homesick since I came to the US, and the answer was always no—because I am at home. The definition of ‘home’ is ‘a place where people live and are cared for,’ and that is why I can say that I’ve been blessed with the best host mom you can image—because she gave me a home away from home!

From the moment Anne and my entire host family entered my life, I felt like I was right where I belonged. They welcomed me into their home and their heart with open arms. And they made my time abroad an experience I’ll carry with me forever.”

Thank you to Aimé for sharing this thoughtful and moving account. We’re so happy to have played a part in bringing Aimé and her host family together!

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Au Pair Aimé and Host Mom Anne: A Perfect Match

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