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Au Pair Journey Helped Guide Jamaican Au Pair to Global Pathfinder Summit

Jaevel from Jamaica earns sought-after spot at international leadership summit

Since starting out as an au pair, Jaevel Brown from Jamaica has drastically expanded her horizons. After flying over 1,000 miles to live with her host family in Washington D.C. she soared beyond her comfort zone. In doing so, she discovered a true passion for leadership – and earned a spot at the 2019 Global Pathfinder Summit  in Virginia!

Only 100 emerging leaders from around the world earn an invitation to this prestigious summit each year. Two other Au Pair in America au pairs – Morgan Savy and Nicole Moyo – were also invited. While preparing for the summit, Jaevel explained how much her au pair experience has helped her grow:

“The decision to become an au pair was a deliberate attempt to make a brazen step towards discovering more of who I am… [and] has made me more confident in my abilities. By uprooting me from my comfort zone, being an au pair has revealed my ability to step into the unknown and not be shaken or intimidated by what is there to be discovered.”

She added that, as a leader, there’s nothing more invigorating than being sure of yourself and your abilities. Her au pair experience has helped her achieve this feeling, a feeling that she’ll likely enhance at the leadership summit.

“I am looking forward to meeting young leaders who have done amazing things across the world [at the summit],” Jaevel said. “By engaging with topical, global issues, meeting young leaders from across the world and taking the time to reflect on my place in the global community, I will be challenged and charged to improve my thinking and embrace the tenets of my ambitions.”

Jaevel’s attendance at the summit will add to an existing long list of impressive experiences. Aside from working as an au pair, Jaevel also published her own book and held various leadership roles back home.

We are fortunate that a young leader like Jaevel is a member of our program and can’t wait to see how the summit helps her soar.

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How Child Care Experience Helped Guide a Jamaican Au Pair to Global Pathfinder Summit | Au Pair in America

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