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Au Pair Spotlight: Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady

Many of our au pairs go above and beyond the call of duty, becoming indispensable members of their American host families and forming never-ending bonds. One of our host families submitted a heartfelt letter, excerpted below, describing the contributions of their au pair, Lady, to their family. Caring for four young children, all ages 5 and under, Lady has done a remarkable job as an au pair, and we’re pleased to share her family’s comments:

“Lady joined us in August from Bogota, Colombia, to provide care for our four young and very active children (one of whom was born with a heart defect, requiring extra attention and care). Lady fully understood the challenge coming to work for us. She would have to prepare our kids in the mornings, make meals for them throughout the day, change diapers, drop
off/pick up from school, take them to soccer and piano lessons, provide extra attention to our daughter with a disability, and be flexible with her hours (often requiring her to work on the weekend) due to our unpredictable schedules (my husband and I both serve in the Navy). She gladly accepted the position and has been the best thing that could have happened to us!

Lady is naturally gifted in child care and absolutely loves children. She has a talented ability to find fun and engaging activities for our children each day. She is constantly interacting with our kids and never relies on the television to entertain them. At least once a week, she takes them to the park, the zoo, the children’s museum, the botanical gardens, or many other fun locations. She also finds creative activities and crafts for the kids to do to expand our children’s imagination. Our children love telling us about their adventures and showing off their handmade crafts. As a result, you can see their happiness, excitement, and passion every day!

Lady also has incredible time management skills. Even with all four kids on her own, not once has she been late getting our kids to school, piano lessons, soccer, or medical appointments.

Lady also teaches our children Spanish and much of her Colombian culture.  Neither my husband nor I speak Spanish, so it is fascinating to see how much our kids have retained, being able to speak and sing in Spanish. Our oldest three can now sing several children’s songs in Spanish!

Lady isn’t just our ‘au pair,’ she is part of our family! Even when she isn’t caring for the kids, she continues to join us on her time off. We dread the day she goes back to her country.”

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Au Pair Spotlight: Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady

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