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Colombian Au Pair in Michigan Celebrates Host Mom

For Mother’s Day, we asked our au pairs to share what they love about their host moms! Colombian au pair Fergie hosted in Michigan had so many beautiful sentiments to share about her host mom, Jessica:

I remember exactly the first call I had with my host mom in July 2019, because since then, I know that the perfect match does exist.

My host mom was the best from the very beginning. Every single day before I arrived she motivated me to start this beautiful adventure. I got pictures, videos, motivating messages and the nicest is that since that moment she helped me practice my English. She simulated the entire interview with the consul and, like that, I got my visa approved. Her interest in my family and all the places I wanted to visit during this experience was the perfect complement to make me feel secure before traveling.

When I arrived in the USA, things turned out exactly like I thought they would, because I could be a hundred percent sure that she was an excellent person. She always looks after me, she cares about what I would like to eat during the week, and even she helps me when I try to go on a diet, but she also gives me food to try from all around the world.

My favorite moment of the day is when I sit next to her in the afternoon to learn how to cook and we talk about what has happened during the day. We talk about my friends, my host kids, the weather, history, movies, music, geography, and about my or her family. Honestly, I have learned so much from her during this time, and sometimes at the end of the day she makes it all perfect with a hug to say thank you for all my work as an Au Pair.

Before I arrived to USA she was just my host mom, but now she has become my best friend during this experience. Sometimes I think we are quite similar, but she is also a role model for me as she is an excellent mother, wife, business woman, cook, singer, and she is brave, but most of all, she is the best host mom in the entire world.

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