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Coronavirus and the AP Program – What’s the Reality?

I find global events and the repercussions of such fascinating. Y’all can debate in the comments whether that’s some milder version of Schadenfreude as my German AP taught me or if I should have just double majored in psychology and economics and missed my calling in college.

I am curious though – especially in our current times the reality can often be very different than the headlines! I would love to know how this virus is affecting you, your APs and communities to seek understanding and see how we can best help/support each other in this unique program.

Host families – Has your family been impacted by the COVID-19 virus? If so, how? Are you changing your travel plans/daily routine? Are you asking your AP to do so as well? Are you encountering any issues?

If you are an AP, are you concerned about getting the virus? Are you worried about getting stuck in the US if there are travel restrictions to your home country? Are you modifying your travel plans/bucket list because of the virus? What impact is the virus having on you, your host families and your families back home?

* Schadenfreude – the experience of pleasure, joy or self satisfaction that comes from learning or witnessing the troubles, failures or humiliation of another.

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