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Executive Order – does the Au Pair program take jobs from Americans?

By now I am assuming all of you have received emails from your agencies explaining that the recent executive order did in fact include APs and that as it stands now, that freeze will be in place until December 31st.

I don’t think I am overstepping by saying that this was a surprise. You may have even noticed that news outlets published conflicting stories about whether or not APs were excluded (they are not).

I personally think that hosting an AP in some ways is a huge advantage during a pandemic and my AP has been an absolute godsend and THE reason I have been able to work full time remotely, have three kids finish a remote school semester successfully and had the ability to continue to support my group as a local coordinator.  We absolutely could not have done the last three months without her and by mid March we gave her a raise and when she asked why we said “COVID pay”.  I would not be an LCC right now if she had not stayed and I have no doubt my full time job would have been drastically impacted by trying to assist 3 school aged kids with remote schooling.

The intent of the executive order is to create jobs for Americans but I have to ask – is including the AP program in the freeze creating jobs for Americans? Why or why not?

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