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Halloween Ideas & Activities During COVID-19

Looking for some last-minute Halloween ideas or activities during COVID-19? We asked our community to weigh in on how they are responsibly celebrating this year. Check out these great ideas!

We’re staying in, dressing up and doing a halloween candy scavenger hunt!” – Host mom Liz 

We are dressing up and I am pre-arranging trick-or-treating at 5 neighbors’ houses that we know. We are also having a Halloween party in our homeschool pod.” – Host mom Tricia

We’re planning to have the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating within the house. They will knock on all the doors of the house. A grown-up will be behind the door and open it like they are a stranger and give them some candy. They could do this in multiple rounds and the grown-up can wear a little disguise each time they come to the door and pretend they are a different person.”  – Host mom Claire

“Our town has nixed trick-or-treating and, instead, it is holding a house decoration contest. Decorate the house, take a picture and send it to the town and they will pick the winners.” – Host mom Carol

“A host family offered and we held last Friday night a socially distanced pumpkin carving. We had a bonfire too, and ate cupcakes and candy and apple cider. The 12 au pairs who attended wore costumes. We also had an easy scavenger hunt where the au pairs had to find peanuts throughout the yard. I had prizes for the winning team of the peanut scavenger hunt as well as best costume and best pumpkin. The host family had rigged up an outdoor theater as well, so we watched and listened to spooky/fun Halloween themed music and videos like [Michael Jackson’s] Thriller.”  – Community Counselor Barb

“We are planning a backyard ‘spooktacular’ with 2 other families who we have been socializing and doing yard dance lessons with this fall. Haunted play house, arts & crafts, obstacle course, etc. We are going to project Hotel Transylvania outdoors after dark.” – Host mom Amelia

“We are planning to do a Halloween candy hunt in the backyard (think Easter eggs) and ‘boo baskets’ filled with some Halloween treats and goodies. We are also planning a outdoor family movie night within our court using a projector and screen and each family brings chairs spaces far apart and the kids are dressing up for it.” – Host mom Paulette

What sort of activities are you planning to do as a family for Halloween during COVID-19 pandemic? Tell us in the comments below!

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