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Happy Host Mother’s Day: Au Pairs Celebrate their Host Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the incredible host moms across the country! All of us at Au Pair in America are so glad you are part of our global community and are thrilled to celebrate you today — you deserve it everyday!

In honor of Host Mother’s Day, each year we ask our au pairs to share why the love their host moms so much! Here are some of this year’s moving submissions.

Au pair Patricia from Chile honors her host mom Serena in Connecticut (above):

She’s such a strong, independent and smart woman. Me and the girls are so happy to have her. She’s a caring, funny and hard working mom. I love that I can trust her and I know she’s always there for me if I need something or if I’m sad and need to talk a bit. She’s more like a friend than a mom, I enjoy sharing a laugh with her and also listen to her advices. I will miss her so much when I leave but I know I have a family in the US forever!

Au pair Kerisha from South Africa honors her host mom in Illinois:

She is the most amazing, down to earth, caring, loving , goofy and honestly one of a kind host mother. I would never imagined that my life would be so blessed to have her, I guess we both got lucky enough!! I can’t imagine being with another host mum and getting this kind of mother daughter love … My host mom is simply the best!

Au pair Nayara from Brazil honors her host mom Hilary in Texas:

I love my host mom because she is a partner, understanding, an excellent mother for her children, she cares about my well being, she teaches me a lot, I am grateful to have her as my host mom here, she is like a second mother for me.

Au pair Ailing from China honors her host mom Alexis in Maryland:

She is a perfect woman. Sometimes she is like my mother, who does everything to make me feel better when I am sick, and sometimes she’s like my friends, we talk about everything just like friends. She tries her best to make me feel that I am a part of our family. She introduces her favorite food, games and music to me, and helps me experience everything as well. I am so glad that I could be a part of their family,  also I don’t think I could find a better host mother than her. She is the best!

Au pair Jimena from Mexico honors her host mom Carla in Colorado:

I think I couldn’t have asked for a better host mom. She is very dedicated to whatever she does and put lots of love on it, makes me feel like I am part of the family and I couldn’t ask for more. 🙂 She is always looking the best for everyone and has a huge and generous heart. Plus she is THE best cook, the best French toast ever, best pasta, EVERYTHING.

Au pair Natascha from Austria honors her host mom Kerry in New York:

I love my host mom because she is always there for me. In the past 20 months she made me feel like part of the family. Especially during these challenging times, where I can’t see my friends, she has been a very good friend to me! She always has an open ear for me and makes sure I am ok. She even helped me decide what to do after my experience here is over. I am so lucky to have her as a host mom 🙂

Au pair Ana Carolina from Brazil honors her host mom Kelly in Michigan:

Ana Carolina from Brazil with Host Mom in Michigan | Au Pair in America

She’s my best friend since I got here. She keeps me company for chickflick movies, she loves ice cream as much as I do, she knows exactly what to say when I’m feeling down, she’s funny and friendly, she’s a strong mom, smart person, good wife, admirable worker and sometimes, everything at the same time. I’m grateful to have her around to laugh, to cry or even just to matches pj’s with me.

Au pair Sarunya from Thailand honors her host mom Caitlain in Maryland:

I have lots of reasons why I love my host mom but the important things that she takes good care with everyone in her family by her heart. I just move here for 5 months but she makes me feel like a part of her family. I feel like home 🙂 safe and warm when I spent time with her. She can make me and everyone laugh every day when she dance and sings a song with my host kids seems like a rock star. She said ‘We are so glad to have you in my family’ and I want to say that, too. I’m so glad and very happy when I met you. I love you mommy Caitlain. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Au pair Fiona from Germany honors her host mom Whitney in Texas:

I love my host mom because she is always supporting me. She cares how I am doing  and is always here if I need her. She is like a role model to me especially because she stands firm in her faith and works hard to accomplish big things. Through her I grew so much in my  personal faith and I am very thankful for that. I love my host mom and I love being her au pair!

Au pair Camilla from Italy honors her host mom Courtney in Virginia:

She’s kind, friendly and whenever you need help she’s always there for you, no matter what. She tries her best to make the year in US for her au pairs amazing and unforgettable. She’s the best host mom I could have ever asked for and every single day I’m grateful that I found this new family.

Au pair Julia from Brazil honors her host mom Ashleigh in Texas:

I love Ashleigh simply because of what love is, something you feel and instantly makes you happy. That’s how I feel. And I remember when I first talked to her, its was like meeting a genuine and lovely person on the phone. In that moment I wished and had the feeling she would be my host mom. Fortunately, it happened! Even not needing to explain why I love her, I’ll share some of the beautiful things she does that makes me love and admire her more every single day.

First of all, I feel truth and passion on her attitudes, she doesn’t want an empty conversation, she wants connection and feel so lucky, because I’m just like that. We’ve shared so many different things and experiences, we’ve talked about our feelings, she’s teaching me yoga, sharing her knowledge about life and everything else with me. She loves her kids so much and truly enjoy every second with them. She genuinely cares about people and nature, she doesn’t save energy to show how much she loves us. She’s SO funny and this photo represents one of those moments where she’s being herself, with no filter. The funniest person! And her laugh it’s just the best, so contagious.

She hugs, she kisses, she express with words and actions how much love and appreciation she has for me and everybody around her!

As she said once about me, I’ll say for her: I couldn’t be more happy, fulfilled and in peace with my decision on becoming family. I’ll take care of our relationship on the daily basis, having respect, admiration, gratitude, love and fun always!

Thank you, Ash! For everything!  I Love you 💛

Au pair Jade from South Africa honors her host mom Phebe in New York:

[I love my host mom] because:

  • She trusts my decisions
  • She supports me
  • She always includes me
  • She always makes sure I’m okay
  • She is a great mom!

Au pair Kereshnee from South Africa honors her host mom Jamie in New York:

My host mum is by far the kindest and funniest person I know. Being a mom of 6 kids isn’t easy and my host mom always seems to be able to be a phenomenal mom even through all the chaos. She is selfless and always willing to help others. She is one of a kind. The one thing that I love the most about her is that she makes me feel as though I haven’t left South Africa because she always includes me in everything that she does with the kids as well as simple things like going to the store. I could not have asked for a better host mom. She is one of a kind and truly amazing.

Au pair Michelle from Germany honors her host mom Sheila in Massachusetts:

I love my host mother because she is the best woman in the world. She is always there for me, no matter if I’m in a good or bad mood. When I’m sick I know that I’m in good hands with her because she always takes care of me. I can sit with her for hours, play games, do puzzles and talk to her about anything. She supports me when I have questions about my credits, the learning of the children, ideas for activities or any other random questions. When it started with Corona and I was very sad, she supported me so much that I can look positively into the future again.  She is so lovely, you can have so much fun with her and is simply the best host mother I could ever imagine. I am very grateful to have her by my side.

Au pair Mariana from Bolivia honors her host mom Alexandria in Maryland:

She [has] been the most nice person I ever met, she is brave and hard worker, she also study but always spending time with her baby. She is woman who inspire me to do everything I want and get my goals. She always is taking care of me and making sure I’m comfortable. I’m living the real American experience, sharing each other about our culture. She makes me feel part of the family, sharing amazing experiences like trips, family parties, birthdays, and having the most amazing days of my life in USA with my adorable host kid and my sweet host mom. We have a nice friendship built for almost 2 years living the au pair experience.

Those difficult days about the virus problem and be locked at home, she is always open to do activities, keeping time busy and funny. We were cooking and baking, teaching more skills to the baby (host kid).  She didn’t skip the celebrations, with those amazing days I didn’t feel locked at home.

Au pair Alexandra from Colombia honors her host mom Jennifer in Florida:

* I love my host mom because she has become my friend, she is kind to me, she takes care of me, she has dedicated herself to getting to know me and she is so cute with me.

* I also love my host mom because she is a super mom, she has a beautiful heart and that love she gives us she puts in every meal she prepares for us, because without telling lies she is a wonderful cooker although she does not believe it.

*and yes I love her because I couldn’t have found a better host mom to live this experience

Au pair Daniella from Brazil honors her host mom Kirsten in Oregon:

She’s an incredible woman, her faith inspires those who know her and there’s no one who doesn’t smile when sees her smile and, of course, she’s a wonderful mother, the real Wonder Wonder Woman! She will always be an example of a woman and mother for my life.

Au pair Jackeline from Brazil honors her host mom Virginia in Colorado:

Au pair Jackeline from Brazil with host mother Virginia in Colorado | Au Pair in America

When I left my country, I was very afraid of what could happen in this new adventure. I was worried about what my relationship with my host mother would be like … if we got along. The truth is, even in my best dreams, I would never have imagined it would be so incredible.

Ginia is a wonderful, charming, and inspiring woman! It motivates me to be better! She became my second mother. We talked openly about everything! We have funny moments together, partnership moments, emotional moments. I love her so much!

The truth is that my host mother and her family were a gift from God to me. Having them in my life made me grow a lot and more than that, it made me see that being an au pair is a wonderful thing that all girls should experience!

Au pair Natalia from Poland honors her host mom Cara in California:

Au Pair Natalia from Poland with host mother in California | Au Pair in America

I love her so much, she is my best friend here. She’s always so supportive and helpful. She always gives me good advice💡when I struggle with making a decision, no matter if it’s real life struggle or something as simple as what deciding what to wear 😁. She is a really good person, she decided to work in medical sales field to help little early born babies survive. She’s great in decorating 🛋🌅 even though she doesn’t believe in herself when it comes to this, she really does have a great taste! She’s beautiful and very stylish 👗. She’s smart and intelligent, kind hearted and helpful.

She treats me like I’m one of her kids so I feel loved and as a family member. She really is everything I could ever have wished for in a host mom ❤. Together we make a good team in taking care of two amazing twins 👫🏼 Ivy and Aiden and our puppy Lenny 🐶.

Au pair Ruanda from South Africa honors her host mom Ashley in Pennsylvania:

I love my host mom not only because we have an amazing relationship, but because we are like sisters. She is a wonderful person who is loving, caring and will always be there for anyone in need. She is a great mother to her children and always puts them first. She is truly an incredible woman and she is setting a great example for me. I’m honored to have such a beautiful, funny, caring and loving person to call my host mom. I’m really going to miss her, but she’ll never be forgotten.

Au pair Caroline from Brazil honors her host mom Chelsea in Virginia:

Au Pair Caroline with Host Mother and child in | Au Pair in America

I love my host mom because she’s awesome, an incredible woman. She thinks in everything, every detail that she can to make me have a great experience, every little thing that she does makes me feel grateful for being here and feel loved. She always look at my side of everything and tries to be as fair as she can about my work. She always include me in everything and also respect my space. Like in holidays she includes me and I’m not saying that for the gifts itself but because she thinks of me and know what I’m going to like, or even when she goes to the grocery store and comes back with things that I didn’t ask and say that she thought I was going like it. But the most important is that she’s always open to listen to me about anything and we can always have a good communication about anything. I love her!

Au pair Georgia from Brazil honors her host mom Jaimie in Illinois:

I love my host mom because she is the one who goes with me in all my adventures. Cooking (even that sometimes it doesn’t go so well), coloring, painting, to make funny videos, watch new shows and much more. She always asks me if I need something or if I’m ok. When I’m not ok she is always ready for a conversation. About anything. I love my host mom because she is a great person, always thinking about how the other people are feeling. If there was more of people like she is, the world would be much better.

Au pair Bianca from Brazil honors her host mom Vanessa in Connecticut:

I love my host mom because she is my best friend. She is awesome! She is kind, pretty, smart, caring, funny, patient, generous and inspiring. I’ve been learning every single day with her and I can say that I’m better person because of her. I would like to be exactly like her when I have my kids.

She used to say that our relationship is like a marriage. I couldn’t agree more! We always talk to make things better and work things out. I would never forget how important she is to me.

She is to me what my mom never was. She cares about me, she knows what I like and what I do not, she hugs me when times are hard, she talks to me and she gives me the best advices, she makes me laugh all the time, she is truly like a mom to me. She is definitely a Wonder Woman!!! She has no idea how much I appreciate her. When I’ve had an emergency surgery in the US, she was my family! She was my dad, my family, my friends… she represented all the important things to me and I wasn’t scared anymore, because she was there.

She has 4 kids and she keeps smiling every day, even when things are not easy. I do love her and I know that I would have forever a family in the US. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity here and I would choose this family again over and over again.

Au pair Diana from Colombia honors her host mom Katty in Maryland:

[Katty] is the most wonderful, funny and understanding person that I’ve never known before, she is the best host mom.

Au pair Nicola from South Africa honors her host mom Jennifer in New York:

Au pair Nicole at home with host family in New York | Au Pair in America

My host mom is the absolute best! She is not only the best host mom but also the best mother to my four host kids. She is a single mom so she is my only host parent and I am always amazed at how amazing she handles 4 kids, a successful career as a Lawyer and a social life.

She is such a fun, loving, humble, chill and awesome person and we get along so well. She understands me and never judges me. She supports me in everything I do. She is more than just an employer, she is a great friend. I consider her as a forever friend and sister.

I know that my host mom and my host kids will always and forever be a big part of my life and they will always be my family and home away from home. I love them very much.

Au pair Tania from Colombia honors her host mom Natalie in Michigan:

Natalie is the best host mom ever for many reasons! She is one of the more patient, dedicated, smart and positive person that I have known, she has an amazing attitude and an amazing way to make everybody happy in the house and around her, she always is smiling and is joking around, she is an expert in making us laugh loud, she is the heart of the family, always have something positive to say. She is a good listener but also a good adviser she is the kind of person that listen to you without judgment. She always wants to help and she always makes me feel part of the family and like her daughter and her friend.

I love to listen to her life stories, they are so cool and it always ended with something to learn. She made my last birthday unforgettable with an amazing party with all my friends, she got me a bike so all of us can go for bike rides like a family, she helped me and made one my biggest goals and dreams come true she booked the hotel to family and me at Disney, she’s really chill and goofy and makes it feel like less of a job. She definitely an example to follow like a mom and like a woman. I’m so thankful for her she is a bless for my family and me. I really love her.

Au pair Sabrina from Poland honors her host mom Laura in Maryland:

My host mom has the kindest heart, the warmest smile and she is a perfect role model for all of us! She opened up her home to me and made me a part of her family. She never leaves me behind and always makes sure that I am involved in every single activity. Whenever I have a problem I know I can come to her and she will give me her time and provide me with the best advice. I could not be more grateful for having her in my life. Hopefully we will always be able to rely on each other.. even after my au pair journey ends!

Au pair Olivia from Brazil honors her host mom Emily in Georgia:

I love my host mom because since the beginning of my au pair year she’ve always made me feel at home. She became one of my best friends here, I love how she can understand me and always cheers and help on my goals here in US.  She’s beautiful, loyal, lovely and very funny! I love the time we spend together and I feel like they’re my family! She’s always making sure that I’m ok and if I she respect my space whatever I need. She’s making my time here much easier and happier!

Au pair Jessica from Brazil honors her host mom Saara in Virginia:

[I love my host mom] because she is my best friend. She always is flexible, help me, listen to and love sports and Brazilian food like me.

Au pair Bárbara from Brazil honors her host mom Laura in Illinois:

My host mom has become so much more than I ever thought and expected. She’s a true friend, the most loving and kind person I ever met, comprehensive, amazing mother and wife, an amazing business woman and still manage it all with a smile. Laura truly deserves to be thanked and recognized for all she is and does.

Au pair Veronica from Brazil honors her host mom in Virginia:

We have such a great connection, thanks to her I feel like part of the family!

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