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It’s #FoodieFriday! German Coffee (Rüdesheimer Kaffee) Recipe

Welcome to the fourteenth and final installment of our #FoodieFriday series! Are you finding yourself cooking more in the time of Coronavirus and social distancing? You aren’t alone! We asked our au pairs to share their favorite recipes to help inspire your next kitchen adventure. Each week, we will share a delicious recipe from around the world. This week learn how to make a traditional German coffee drink with brandy (Rüdesheimer Kaffee)! 

German Coffee (Rüdesheimer Kaffee) Recipe: 


  • 3 sugar cubes 
  • 3 T (44 ml) Asbach Uralt brandy, very warm 
  • 5 oz (148 ml) coffee 


  • Sweetened whipped cream 
  • Dark chocolate shavings  


  1. Place sugar cubes in a coffee cup, pour brandy over the cube and light with a long match.
  2. Stir until all the sugar has melted.
  3. Allow to burn for 1 minute, then pour hot coffee into the cup and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  

And there you have it — traditional German coffee! You can now show off your skills and share this Rüdesheimer Kaffee recipe with your friends. Check back next week for our next installment of #FoodieFriday and discover more recipes from our au pairs! 

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German Coffee (Rüdesheimer Kaffee)

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