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Love at First Skype

Host Families Share How They Knew Their Au Pair Was THE ONE

Love at First SkypeTo celebrate Valentine’s Day, we recently asked some of our current host families to share with us the moment when they knew that their au pair was The One, the perfect match for their families. For some, they just knew from their au pair’s application essay/video, and others felt that immediate connection when they first spoke with their au pair during the interview process. Read their stories below!

Au Pair Nadja with her host child“This is Nadja with our youngest son Cai in Mexico this past Christmas break. She is our first au pair, and we are sad for her to leave this summer. She has been such a blessing to our family. We could have not asked for more positive experience. Initially we were worried about finding the right au pair, but after watching her video, we knew that we wanted to talk to her. Maybe it was her level of confidence or her driving a scooter. She certainly didn’t disappoint us while interviewing via Skype. Our conversation flowed so well. Everything seemed so natural. We enjoyed her sense of humor and appreciated her level of maturity. We knew at the end of the interview that she was the perfect girl for us. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual and a great match was made.  All in all, she will be greatly missed by all of us.”

“We knew almost immediately that Melanie, an extension au pair originally from Germany, was the one for us! It happened after our second Skype interview. In the first interview we definitely had a good connection. But the deal was sealed when she asked to Skype the children. The next day I came home from work. My three boys were in wild form. We fondly refer to that time of night as their ‘witching hour.’ I was so afraid Melanie would see them at their less than finest moment and run for the hills! But instead, she saw all of them in all of their crazy beautiful chaos and glory and decided we were the perfect match for her. She probably could’ve found an easier gig than three boys five and under in her second year, so I knew in that moment that she had to be the right au pair for us! I was right!

“We knew our au pair, Bianca, was the one from the moment we saw her video! I told my husband I had a good feeling about her. We interviewed several candidates, but we kept coming back to Bii, and we were lucky she felt the same way. We are hoping she’ll be able to extend a second year with us. She loves our kids, and they love her, so much!”

“We were excited about Linnea from the moment we read her profile, but it was our first Skype call that really confirmed our initial instincts.  She was wearing a sweater with the U.S. flag on it during our first Skype, and her energy and excitement to travel here came across immediately.  She was not worried about saying the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ things, and our interview went much more like a conversation with a well-known friend. After that interview, we knew she was the one!”

“I knew our Au Pair was the one when she started singing to the radio in the car with all of us.  We are always listening to music and singing the words…wrong or right, sometimes in tune, sometimes NOT! We knew she was the one when she joined right in.”

Thank you so much to all of our host families who shared their stories with us!

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Love at First Skype

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