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Host Families Nominate 40 Au Pairs for Awards in Maryland

Au Pair in America host parents bestow au pair awards for a community event!

There are countless reasons why Au Pair in America host families love their au pairs. While hosting an au pair, parents don’t only gain reliable child care support; they also get a loving, international family member. Au Pair in America Community Counselor from Maryland, Victoria, knows just how special these bonds can be.

This May, Victoria hosted an “Au Pair Awards Dessert Party” for 40 au pairs in her local cluster. The party was hosted to honor their hard work, achievements, and incredible talents. Aside from a celebratory cake and great company, attending au pairs were treated to a special surprise from their host parents at the party.

Beforehand, Victoria collaborated with local host families to create award certificates for each au pair that showcased how they’ve shined throughout the program.

One family said of their au pair, “She has been my right hand and truly is like another parent to my kids.”

Another family called their au pair a real-life superhero. They said, “She has a superhuman ability to engage with and teach our son by teaching him vocabulary, singing, dancing, and puzzles. We have been so fortunate to have found a superhero au pair!”

Other award letters praised outstanding traits and talents like radiant enthusiasm, a sense of humor, baking skills, reliability, craftiness, a loving personality, flexibility, resilience, and so much more!

Though they were each unique, the awards all represented how meaningful the bonds between au pairs and host families are. They also showcased how extraordinary au pairs are too.

The event was a wonderful testament to how much au pairs change their host families’ lives for the better… and for good!

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Au Pair in America Host Parents Bestow Au Pair Awards for a Community Event | Au Pair in America


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